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One hundred and eleven years ago, the mighty titanic sank allegedly after hitting an iceberg! The mighty ship was an engineering fear at the time and the designers rated it unsinkable; except for God; but it surely sank and over 1500 people perished.

Overtime, many have visited the graveyard of what at one time was the unsinkable mighty titanic. There is a belief that after death, the soul will hover around forever. This is the very reason graveyards are respected and/or feared. The peace of souls should not be disturbed without appeasement, according to culture.

There are some of the descendants of the departed who think the titanic graveyard should be respected and no disturbance should be allowed. The latest team to attempt a visit was by a tiny submersible vehicle of the size of a minibus, titan submersible, fitted with modern gadgetry to deliver the tourists and bring them back, a distance of about 12500ft or 2.5 miles. That the group picked interest in touring, is unquestionably normal, but the levels of risk and extent of gullibility were unmatched in modern times! To crowd in a tiny tinderbox with no measures for security was amazing for a group made up of millionaires and knowledgeable individuals. One millionaire went with his 19 year old son and both never made it to the tour site and certainly could not return. No African family head could contemplate doing such a thing.

What was clear was that the touring company refused to indemnify any of the tourists, making them sign several documents to accept the risks involved, without reverting to insurance. But on the side of criminal negligence, the touring company has answers to give and perhaps prevent similar occurrencies in future under the US laws.

Failure of the submersible vehicle to even reach its destination, puts science in undeniable doubt, and raises questions of legality of operation. That it took the entire free world five days to comb and sweep the limited space before locating the damaged titanic puts science in serious doubt. That the submersive vehicle suffered catastrophic implosion is inexcusable and borders on negligence.

Five men of various influences have been lost. But the event teaches us the significance of culture and limitations of science.

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