US joins Japan in search and rescue for crashed military helicopter victims in the pacific ocean

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Minoru Kihara, Japan’s Minister of Defence on Tuesday said the United States will join search-and-rescue efforts for the seven missing Maritime Self-Defense Force members after two helicopters went down in the Pacific on Saturday.

The defense minister told reporters that the U.S. Navy is set to dispatch a P-8 patrol aircraft and an MSDF oceanographic ship styled as Shonan — based out of Yokosuka — in the effort to locate potential debris on the ocean floor near the crash site which can get up to 8,044 feet deep.

Kihara added that the location where communication got disrupted before the crash had been identified.

“Since the latitude and longitude are known, search and rescue operations are being conducted by Self-Defense Force vessels and aircraft and the Japan Coast Guard with a focus on that area,” he said.

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