Tesla’s Humanoid Optimus Robot Enters market next year

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Tesla could start selling its humanoid Optimus robot by the end of next year and one day will rake in more cash from robots than cars, CEO Elon Musk told investors on Tuesday, another ambitious claim from the billionaire that experts said might just be within the realm of possibility—though is highly unlikely to make the carmaker any money in the near future.

It’s tough to imagine Musk’s claim that Optimus will one day overshadow Tesla’s other products will be realized at any point in the near future, robotics experts told Forbes, particularly its cars. Garg said humanoids are “unlikely to be cashflow positive anytime soon” and despite the hype, they lack a convincing use case that other emerging technologies like driverless cars have. They “will not likely come close to the car business in terms of revenue” for the next decade, he said. Aitken told Forbes “it’s hard to see a humanoid competing seriously with the large industrial players in the sector” and questions whether they’d be able to do the kinds of “high-value, dull, dirty and dangerous” work that would motivate a company to invest. Hubicki said he “would not bet on that market approaching automotives for the foreseeable future.” While humanoid bots have “progressed impressively” in recent years, he said they lack a compelling use case suggesting “a massive market is imminent” and at the moment remain “a complicated technology for completing tasks we can already do better.”

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