Spain and Greece Defy NATO

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The governments of Spain and Greece refused to send additional air defense systems to Ukraine, however, Spain will provide Ukraine with a batch of missiles for Patriots.

According to news coming out of Spain, Madrid will not send any of its three Patriot systems to Ukraine. Instead, it is committed to supply only missiles that can be used for the available surface-to-air systems. The publication did not specify the size of the batch.

At the same time, Greece also refused to undertake obligations to send such systems to Ukraine against the background of the tensions with Turkey, Reuters said.

“Greece is not going to send S-300 or Patriot to Ukraine,” Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis said.

In recent days, Greek media have reported that a swap deal is possible in which the United States would agree to replace either the Patriot system based in Athens or the inactive Soviet-era S-300 system stationed on the island of Crete so they could be sent to Ukraine.

“We were asked and we explained why we cannot do it,” Mitsotakis said adding that these systems are “critical to our deterrent capability.”

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